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Low & A-whey is a translucent, milky foundational base color that can be used under any polish to potentially blur & smooth imperfections, minimize the look of VNL (visible nail line), and neutralize noticable staining & discoloration.

It's the perfect "foundation" for any mani!

I created this base color specifically to help solve a problem that I have: my discolored nails prevented me from wearing negative-space designs. (One of my testers used to have the same issue. Read her review below!) I wanted a beautiful, clean, "my-nails-but-better" look when not wearing pigmented polishes.

This milky ivory is the perfect solution. It also extends the life of your bottles, since you can build it up & use fewer coats of polish to hide VNL/discoloration. Yaaaay!

This is a foundational base *color*, not a base coat; I still recommend using a base coat to protect your nails & prolong mani life. 

Wear it over Take Your Base or other quality base coat. It can be worn on its own as well! Build up opacity to your liking, throw on a top coat & you're good to go!

Here's what testers had to say:

"My notes after 7 days of use on the white bc:

*formula is wonderful! 
*held my personal mani on though 4 days of dishes, cleaning, pets and being sick.
*I've worn it alone to brighten my nails and it was beautiful! Not milky or cloudy. My tips are yellow-ish (prugly) from swatching, polish, etc. It didn't "whiten" the discoloration, it kind of neutralized it. I never wear French bc of the yellowing but I did a French tonight with gold tips and my beds look natural. I love this product!
*It did not alter any color or formula I used on top of it. It did help smooth my 2 nails (thumb & middle finger) that have a weird ridge thing going on. Not totally smooth but more like blur.
*using it alone required no tc. It's nice and shiny.
*my vnl is very prominent. It didn't hide it like a milk base would but it did blur it a bit.
*dry time is lovely. Not qd but kind of fast dry.
*I used this product in 1 and 2 coats alone. Even in 2 coats it was not milky or cloudy, it still looked natural. 
*so far I've applied neons, multichrome, cream, magnetic, up, stamped, double stamped directly on this bc without polish and it all looked & stayed true to color and wore beautifully. 
*NO YELLOWING! Worn alone I had a clean nail tip & bed appearance and it did not yellow which is awesome! 
*as of today I love this stuff and is it possible to make a vat for my butt and facial lines? 🤣 but seriously."

"I loved using your White Foundational Base [color]. It worked great for me... I did 5 manicures. During the time I was trying your base coat I worked two jobs, one as a hairdresser. I do all my own shampooing and did multiple colors and styling. My other job is at a grocery store where I work at the self check out area. We help customers ring out, restock the grocery bags,and we also sanitize the registers. My hands are covered in the sanitizing liquid for 5-8 hours a day 3 days a week... I wore most manis for 5-6 days with no chips and little to no tip wear. I also bent both pinkies back with no damage to my nail or the polish."

"I really liked how it filled up the lines, dents and damage on my nails."

"This really smoothed my nails. And the formula and application were amazing!"

Maker note: If the polish starts to thicken over time, use a few drops of polish thinner (NOT acetone) & give it a good shake. Continue adding drops until you find a consistency that you like.

Big thanks to Jaye, Ana, Mary, Mary & Crystal for all of their hard work R&D'ing this new product for me! <3