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Golden Girls II Neon Collection (full set)

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PINK: Heat-Seekin' Stretch Pants

PURPLE: Why Paint the Peacock?

BLUE: 65-Year-Old Drag Queen

GREEN: You Remember My Lying, Vicious Toad of a Mother

YELLOW: It's PUH-feiffer. The P Is Not Silent.

ORANGE: Stanley, You Truly Are One Chromosome Away From Being a Potato

TEAL: Her Mother Was a Slut, Too

All of these polishes water marble, but I would suggest using no more than three or four colors in your design, as neons tend to dry more quickly than my regular cremes.

It's always best to apply neon polishes over a white base, so grab a bottle of Shutout while you're here.

I use high-quality & highly saturated pigments in my products, so staining is possible. It’s always advisable to apply a worthy base coat, especially under darker colored polishes.