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This isn’t an OOPS batch of Free Agent, but I’m usin Free Agent as a comparison color in the pic. This creme started as a “faded silly putty pink” & then I added a green to it. This was the end result. So if you’ve ever wondered what dark teal blended with deviled ham pink would look like... believe it or not, it’s this! 😂

It’s very beautiful tho. OOPS 58 has more depth to it than Free Agent has. I think it’ll pull out more of the “soft blue spruce” color on different skin tones, particularly darker skin.

I’m tempted to keep a bottle for myself, but I won’t. There are only five available & once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Opaque in 1-3 coats, depending on application, and of course it stamps & water marbles like a champ.

I use high-quality & highly saturated pigments in my products, so staining is possible. It’s always advisable to apply a worthy base coat, especially under darker colored polishes.