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Starry Blush | Foundational Base Color

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Starry Blush is a foundational base color that can be used under jelly polishes to minimize the look of VNL (visible nail line), as well as to camoflauge staining & discoloration.

I created this base color specifically to help solve a problem that I have: when I wore jelly polishes, the color of the jelly never showed true, due to my yellow-stained nails. Pink & red jellies leaned orange... blue jellies looked green... *sigh*

But this soft pink with subtle sparkle is the perfect remedy. It also extends the life of your bottles, since you can use fewer coats of polish to hide VNL/discoloration. Yaaaay!

This is a foundational base *color*, not a base coat; I still recommend using a base coat to protect your nails & prolong mani life. 

Wear it over Take Your Base or other quality base coat. It can be worn on its own as well! Build up opacity to your liking, throw on a top coat & you're good to go!

Here's what testers had to say:

"My VNL isn't bright white, but still noticeable with sheer polishes. I would test one coat and two coats of basecoat with the sheer polish. Two coats of the basecoat worked perfectly to hide my VNL no matter what polish was used. One coat was okay with the more opaque sheer polishes, but two worked best... I wanted to test how well the basecoat prevents staining. I know it was really only made for hiding VNL and already stained nails, but I figured I would give it a test. I wore polishes that were known stainers to me. One of them I had to use toothpaste to clear up some of the staining the last time I wore it. I would test each color on two nails; one with one coat of basecoat and one with two coats of basecoat. The previously really really bad stainer (a teal creme) didn't leave any staining on either nail no matter the number of coats. I also tested a lime green with shimmer polish. Over one coat of basecoat, it did leave some obvious yellowing. Over two coats of basecoat, there's just a hint of yellow that is completely covered when I start a new mani with the pink basecoat. So it did really well preventing future staining."

"I really do love the base coat. It's cute and subtle. Covers my VNL in one coat when I'm using it with another color (more so blurs it out if that makes sense). It's also really nice on its own at 2 coats as a pallet cleanser shade... And the dry time for it is honestly impeccable... Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to use it. Will definitely be buying back ups when it launches."

"I like the base coat. One coat is perfect for a base and makes light colors pop. I’ve noticed the pink gives the light colors just a little something extra. For dark, it’s a good way to even out the nail before that first coat. Two coats is pretty just with the light pink and I have worn it alone."

"I love it. And want another bottle... !!!"

Maker note: If the polish starts to thicken over time, use a few drops of polish thinner (NOT acetone) & give it a good shake. Continue adding drops until you find a consistency that you like.

Big thanks to Julian, Leslie, Elyse, Veronica & Misty for all of their hard work R&D'ing this new product for me! <3