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Take Your Base | Protective Base Coat

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Take Your Base is a 10-free, protective base coat. Apply this under any polish to extend wear time & help prevent staining.

Here's what testers had to say:

"The drying time on this stuff is FANTASTIC! I would absolutely recommend this to others!"

"The self-leveling is better than I expected during application... the drying time is super quick and very smooth... removal is incredibly easy!"

"I did black and the blue that looks like Lowe’s color (I can’t remember the name) - so lots of pigment. I experienced zero staining for any of the rounds. 

- Drying: This stuff dries so wonderfully fast. And super even. Great sheen, too, to wear alone. 

- Wear: Normally I’ll have a chip of some kind within 24-36 hours. Yours didn’t have any until day 4. Super damn impressive. Normally I’ll have a chip early and I’ll notice the polish will start to raise or lift (like I can peel it off) around day 4 or 5. Even when yours started to chip a little, it didn’t do the weird peel thing which was lovely! Much easier to touch up and fix (I mostly didn’t for the purposes of the experiment) vs what I was using. 

Summary: I’d buy this over and over again all day long with no hesitation. Nicely done!!!!!"

Maker note: If the base coat starts to thicken over time, use a few drops of polish thinner (NOT acetone) & give it a good shake. Continue adding drops until you find a consistency that you like.
Big thanks to Coyer, Caroline, Stephanie, JoAnna & Amy for all of their hard work R&D'ing this new product for me! <3